Brandy(どんちゃん, Don-chan) is Laura's dog. His real name is Brandon (Burandon in Japanese). Brandy rarely does anything and is often seen sleeping, but he has been considered a great friend to the Ham-Hams (he saved Boss and Bijou from drowning in episode 56 - Boss, the Cool Ham of the Sea! and the Ham-Hams made him his own scarf in episode 72 - The Knitting Craze.). In the episode "Dog Sled Race" he actually wakes up and ends up winning the race. Brandy has a soft head and every time Hamtaro comes down the pipe to the outside, he lands safely on top of Brandy's head.

In many of the dreams that the Ham-Hams have, Hamtaro rides Brandy. In several of those cases, he can fly. In one episode, he was even able to talk, due to Lazuli giving him a magical cookie that could make dogs talk.