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Cilan's Pansage is a Pokémon owned by Cilan. It is Cilan's signature Pokémon and possibly his strongest. He made his first appearance in "Triple Leaders, Team Threats."


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Pansage first appeared in "Triple Leaders, Team Threats," where he showed it to Ash prior to his Striaton City Gym Battle.

Pansage was used in Cilan's battle against Ash. He battled Ash's Oshawott. Pansage dodged each of Oshawott's attacks easily and hit Oshawott hard with his Bullet Seed and Bite attacks. After Oshawott hit him in midair with Water Gun, Pansage began charging a SolarBeam, which left Oshawott paralyzed with fear. In "Dreams by the Yard Full!," it was shown that Oshawott deflected Pansage's SolarBeam with his scalchop and went on to defeat him with Razor Shell. At the end of the episode, Cilan took Pansage with him went he decided to travel with Ash and Iris.

Pansage battles against Iris' Axew in BW009: The Bloom Is on Axew! in order to help Axew gain some experience in battling. Although his attacks were weakened to 20% of their original power, Axew was still thrown off by them. The battle was ended after Axew unleashed a powerful Dragon Rage that took everyone by surprise.

In BW011: A Home for Dwebble!, Pansage was used to find a group of Dwebble by using Dig. However, it was injured by the Dwebble he was trying to help. The Dwebble apologized and a friendship between the two formed. Pansage later fell ill due to his injury and was healed by Iris' herbal remedy. The following morning, Pansage assisted the Dwebble in getting its rock back. When Cilan decided to catch the Dwebble, Pansage was very happy, as their friendship could continue.

Pansage battled against Burgundy's Sawsbuck in BW019: A Connoisseur's Revenge!. He defeated Sawsbuck easily without getting a single hit.

in BW069: Cilan Takes Flight!, he battled against Skyla's Swoobat even though Pansage was at a type-disadvantage, he ended up getting defeated by Swoobat's Gust.

In BW088, he battled Dawn's Piplup.

In BW092, he battled Galvantula

Known AttacksEditEdit

Move Episode
Bullet Seed + Triple Leaders, Team Threats
Bite Triple Leaders, Team Threats
Solar Beam + Triple Leaders, Team Threats
Dig+ A Home for Dwebble!
Rock Tomb + A Call for Brotherly Love!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*

- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

Mystery Egg Event EditEdit

A event randomly distributed in-game representations of Cilan's Pansage, Ash's Pidove or Iris' Axew. It is always male and has the Gluttony ability.The event went on during April 27 2011 through April 31 2011 (USA) {C