1000px-Dawn Quilava

Dawn's Quilava was obtained in DP143. After winning in the battle contest, Dawn received an egg as a prize. In the same episode the egg hatches, revealing a young and cute Cyndaquil. Even though it is still young, it wields powerful moves like Swift and Flame Wheel. Dawn chose this Pokémon to replace Ambipom (Since it is in training with the Ping-Pong Champion). Cyndaquil is pairing with Mamoswine in Dawn's latest contest where she is facing Ursula and her Plusle and MinunMamoswine and Cyndaquil are known for their fierce-ice combo.

Prior to Dawn leaving for Hoenn, Cyndaquil and Piplup work on a failed move. Cyndaquil wanted to come with Dawn to Hoenn and evolves into a Quilava helping her deal with a situation with some Ariados. In BW088Ash is apparently pleased upon finding out it evolved.

Known AttacksEditEdit

Move Episode


Swift + Gone With the Windworks
Smokescreen + Gone With the Windworks
Flame Wheel + Gone With the Windworks
Eruption SS024
Flamethrower + BW095
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*

- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


[2]As an egg[3]Ash's Pikachu and Quilava as a Cyndaquil[4]Dawn and Cyndaquil[5]Using Smokescreen as a Cyndaquil[6]Using Flame Wheel as a Cyndaquil[7]Quilava after evolving[8]Using Swift