Dawn Togekiss

Dawn's Togekiss is one of Dawn's Pokémon.

Biography EditEdit

Originally belonging to a Princess named Salvia, Togekiss was given to Dawn after she let Princess Salvia take her place in a Pokémon contest. Togekiss has many powerful attacks, like Aura Sphere, that allow it to be able to hold its own in battle and create amazing appeals.

Personality wise, Togekiss may be carefree and happy, but it can be strict and tough at times, like when Ash's Gible used Draco Meteor and nearly hit Dawn's Piplup, Togekiss knocked it back to Gible and gave it a stern talking-to, telling it never to do it again. Dawn compliments on it's personality as being the big sister of her Pokémon roster. Togekiss is like the mother Pokémon to Dawn's team and is always looking out for them. It helped Piplup from one of Gible's out of control Draco Meteors and it let Piplup express its feelings about leaving the gang.  ==Known movesEdit==

Move Episode


Aura Sphere Dawn of a Royal Day
Sky Attack Dawn of a Royal Day
Safeguard Dawn of a Royal Day
Air Slash Dawn of a Royal Day
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*

- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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